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Rinaldo Del Gallo for State Senate
Rinaldo Del Gallo for State Senate

2016 has already proved to be a transformative year in politics, and Rinaldo is the candidate who can bring that change to our community. Of all the individuals running for state senate, Rinaldo is the only one who not only can claim to be a ‘Berniecrat’, but has consistently held such positions. A prolific member of the community, Rinaldo has fought for equality, the environment, and the working man for years.

Rinaldo Del Gallo is running for the Massachusetts State Senate, for the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden Senate District.  After a decade of service, State Senator Ben Downing is stepping down.  Del Gallo is running for State Senate as a Bernie Sanders Progressive.  Del Gallo will be taking the revolution local in the state senate race.  Some call such candidates as Del Gallo “Berniecrats.”

Unlike his opponents, Del Gallo has been highly visible in the community for over fifteen years.   He didn’t just move here, and he has not been hiding away.  The “Meet Rinaldo” tab will take you through his long line of accomplishments.  Del Gallo is a frequently published columnist for the Berkshire Eagle and numerous other local and national publications.   He is spokesperson of the Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition and led a successful fight to put a public policy question on the ballot in 2004 which garnered 78% support for shared parenting.   For over a decade, he hosted a free legal clinic with the Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition and participated in parades.   In 2004-2005, he was virtually the only person that recognized that the Pittsfield Economic Development Authority was going nowhere, and provided an economic template based on the Fort Devens model that might have changed the course of the City of Pittsfield and the region if followed.

Del Gallo is a recipient of the “Hero of the Ocean Award” for his work on the environment, issued by the Massachusetts State Senate, and presented by Senator Ben Downing.    He was instrumental in the bans on Styrofoam in Pittsfield,  Lee, Lenox, and Williamstown, and the bans of single-use plastic bags in Lee, Lenox, Adams and Williamstown.   He had an ordinance passed in Pittsfield, giving farm enough room to stand-up and extend their limbs.  Del Gallo wrote a legal opinion, pro bono, that took the legal legs out from a group that was trying to argue that the city was required by law to allow time shares in an area that was occupied by a forest at a former summer camp in Pittsfield.

The progressive cause advanced by Bernie Sanders is a movement, not a moment.  It is a movement that is not about one candidate for office, or one election.    Del Gallo will fight in the state senate against the incredible concentration of wealth in the hands of a few people so the super rich pay their fair share.  As a state senator, Del Gallo will fight for tuition free and debt-free state colleges and universities, as well universal pre-K. He supports the millionaire’s tax to fund it (The “Fair Share Amendment”).  (The proposal would raise taxes on income over $1 million by 4 percentage points – from around 5 percent to around 9 percent.).

Del Gallo supports single payer health care, a $15 minimum wage, expanded family medical leave, and GMO labeling.As a state senator, Del Gallo will be an environmentalist that supports a state-wide ban on single use plastic bags and Styrofoam.  Del Gallo supports a state tax on carbon emitters, green jobs, wind and solar energy, and building better trains to reduce reliance on cars, as well as investing more in local public transportation. Del Gallo also unequivocally opposed the pipelines.  According to WAMC, as of March 2nd, his opponents were undecided.  They have became “me too” candidates once I entered the race and pushed them to the limits.

Del Gallo supported decriminalization of marijuana long before most other public figures did. He supports transgender rights, and filed such a petition in Pittsfield City Hall so that transgender people will have equal access to public amenities.

As candidate for state senate, Del Gallo supports voluntary spending limits which his opponents will not agree to—a state senate race cost $100,000.   Del Gallo support clean elections and want to get the money out of politics which prevents good people from running, which consumes a candidates time instead of face to face contact, and which creates undue influence.

As a state senator, Del Gallo will oppose mass incarceration and will not fund more prison building. Del Gallo also will fight to have the predominant emphasis, if the not nearly the exclusive emphasis be on treatment when fighting opioid and other substance addiction.

Use the menu above to learn about Rinaldo’s many accomplishments and see first-hand where he stands.

Help bring the Bernie revolution local!

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