Help bring the Bernie revolution local!

2016 has already proved to be a transformative year in politics, and Rinaldo is the candidate who can bring that change to our community. Of all the individuals running for state senate, Rinaldo is the only one who not only can claim to be a ‘Berniecrat’, but has consistently held such positions. A prolific member of the community, Rinaldo has fought for equality, the environment, and the working man for years.

Here we need more content  (about 200-300 words). To help the site rank higher for searches you should talk about your state senate campaign. Use this space to also ask for people to use the donate links to help out.  We also need short captions for the photos that are on this page.

Use the menu above to learn about Rinaldo’s many accomplishments and see first-hand where he stands. Help bring the Bernie revolution local!

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Caption for this photo

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