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Rinaldo Del Gallo supports public funded, universally available pre-kindergarten education.  It would not be legally mandatory, but would be available for all families that want it. These programs are useful tools in making sure that children are reading for school as they advance in age. It allows children to interact in age-appropriate settings in a teacher environment, and learn very basic skills such as name recognition of colors and animals.  It is the beginning of learning how to think and learn. Currently, not all towns offer public pre-school.  You may click on the link below to see which Massachusetts have Read more…

Tuition Free, Debt Free. SUMMARY: Rinaldo Del Gallo believes that our state colleges and universities should be tuition free and debt free.  The fees that are often imposed in lieu of tuition also ought to be eliminated.  This should be paid for by taxes on the super-rich. Not everyone knows it, but college used to be relatively affordable in America.  In the 60’s and 70’s, state tuition was very low.  The GI bill brought low cost, if not free, education to an entire generation of troops returning home. Free education creates an opportunity for the poor to enter the middleclass, Read more…

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