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Del Gallo supports a Single Payer system and it is a key component of his campaign. According to Massachusetts Nurses Association, “The Massachusetts Health Care Trust bill would create a Single Payer Health Care System for Massachusetts, guaranteeing first rate health care coverage for every resident of the state, while saving money for state and local government, businesses, and residents.” As a Bernie Sanders progressive, Del Gallo believes in Medicare for all. And if it is not enacted at the federal level, Del Gallo would enact it at the state level. Under our current system, there are too much administrative costs. Read more…

Rinaldo Del Gallo supports Senator Ben Downing’s bill, S. 574 “An Act Relative to Equitable Health Care Pricing,” which aims to limit the disparities in the amount commercial insurers can pay different hospitals for the same procedure. According to, “Brooke Thurston, a spokeswoman for Steward Health Care, which oversees nine Massachusetts hospitals, said in a statement, “High priced hospitals are paid nearly double that of low priced hospitals for the same services, yet both provide virtually the same quality of care. This disparity among providers has worsened since it was first documented in 2010.”  This does not seem fair to Read more…

Opioid, Drug, and Alcohol Policy We should start off with what Rinaldo Del Gallo will not do. As a Bernie Sanders progressive, he will not spend money on more prisons. Instead of mass imprisonment, Del Gallo believes we should focus on treatment of those addicted to opioids, alcohol, or other drugs. This requires making it a budget priority. Del Gallo supports drug courts, but would implement them very carefully. Del Gallo supports implementing the LEAD (Law Enforcement Assistance Diversion) program utilized in Seattle which focuses on intervention and not arrest. Del Gallo believes in “Housing First,” which is a program Read more…

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