Letter: Del Gallo has helped many, will help more in Boston

Selfless Del Gallo will help many in Senate

To the editor:

I am writing to endorse Rinaldo Del Gallo III for the Massachusetts state Senate.

Readers of The Eagle will be familiar with Rinaldo from his many interesting and informative op-eds, as well as coverage of his career as a lawyer, representation of the Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition and now as a Bernie Sanders progressive Democrat running for state Senate. Some of his other activities include gaining a ban on Styrofoam cups in Pittsfield as well as bringing the designs of pipeline advocates to the attention of the public in this campaign.

I am a witness to his humanity and concern for justice which has led him to represent many county residents in court pro bono. In my own case, Rinaldo has represented me in a contested post-divorce decree case, as well as representing my daughter when she became an assault victim. He also represented me when DCF assumed custody of my daughter when I brought her to a hospital in Springfield for tests not available in this county for concussion victims under the age of 18. It was three weeks before, due to his able representation I was able to learn what her diagnosis and treatment was.

During the same three weeks, DCF and/or the hospital allowed my daughter to believe I had abandoned her at the hospital. Needless to say, both my daughter and I appreciated his efforts on our behalf, which he spent a lot of time on, without any pay, due to his concern to see that justice was done.

I am not the first or last person to benefit from his able representation. I believe if we support Rinaldo to be our senator he will be able to help even more people. We couldn’t have a better representative in the Senate, where his intelligence, judgment and concern for the working class will provide us with an able voice. I encourage others to attend the debates and forums with the other Democratic candidates for this important position and am convinced that the majority of those who do will also support and vote for him in the Sept. 8 primary.

James A. Martin, Pittsfield

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