Press Release: Adam Hinds and Andrea Harrington show they are not true environmentalist, and oppose wind energy here in the Berkshires. Del Gallo supports Berkshire wind energy.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The timing could not be more unfortunate.   Just when NASA have just announced that the earth is heating faster than any other time in the last 1,000 years, Rinaldo Del Gallo’s opponents for state senate (Adams Hinds and Andrea Harrington) say that they are against wind energy here in the Berkshires.   It was the first time this came out during the campaign.  Noted Del Gallo, “I was absolutely stunned that both did not support wind energy here in the Berkshires.”


Last night, on Tuesday, at August 1st, at a forum at the Senior Center in Dalton a question was asked whether the candidates support wind mills on the mountain rides on the Berkshires and off of the shores Cape Cod.  The mountain ridges are the most effective places to have windmills because they are locations with the most wind due to a lack of obstructing objects.  There are already a number of windmills on the mountains, which Del Gallo strongly supports.  Both Adam Hinds and Andrea Harrington, who have held themselves out to be environmentalist throughout the campaign, said they opposed these windmills in the Berkshires.   They were in favor of the Cape Cod windmills, but just “not in their back yard.”


Del Gallo says “Yes in my back yard.”  In fact, he wrote just such a column about it back in 2009 that was published in the Berkshire Eagle entitled, “Yes in My Back Yard.”   Del Gallo believed then, as he believes now, that we need to streamline the permitting process so that these projects are not backed up for years.  That’s why he supported the Wind Sitting Reform Act.


windmills 2Says Del Gallo, “My opponents just do not get it.  We need to be at war with climate change.  It is an earth destroyer.  Global warming is an extinction level event.  In fifty years or sooner, if they are around, our children will wonder why we did not replace carbon energies with green energy as Manhattan becomes flooded and Miami falls into the ocean.  We need to fight Global warming like we needed to fight World War 2. They are not being leaders.”


Del Gallo adds: “My two opponents are engaging in shameful and ludicrous NIMBYism.   When we went to war against Nazi Germany, we didn’t have food rations everywhere but Berkshire County.  Everyone sacrificed and everyone did their part.  Everyone seems to be for green energy, but the NIMBY’s in Cape Cod don’t want windmills off their shores.  NIMBY’s in Berkshire County don’t want windmills on their mountains.   With attitudes like that, we won’t have green energy anywhere.  We need leaders, not panderers.   We all need to make sacrifices, just like a war effort on a grand scale.  And these windmills don’t look that bad anyhow—I like looking up at them.   What Andrea and Adam fail to see is that global warming is the number one issue facing our district, our nation, and our world.  We are literally talking about dire changes in our weather systems, a “storm of the century” every few years, massive droughts and crop failure, and coastal communities literally being swallowed by ocean.    We need to get off of carbon energies in an effort to literally save the world, and that includes wind energy, including wind energy here in the Berkshires.”


Says Del Gallo. “Voters can chose to elect a state senator who will not make the hard choices necessary to fight this epic battle against climate change, and will feed them feel good solutions such as ‘not in my back yard’” –or they can elect someone who not only understand the threat, and who has not only been a long time consistent champion on the threats and solutions, but who will have the courage to stick by his positions, and tell the constituents what they really need to hear.  Over and over again in my life, I have taken the lead on issues where there was once much resistance, to lead the way to consensus.   That’s what the Berkshires need.  Not someone that will pander to NIMBY’s at the expense of Mother Earth.”


Del Gallo won the Hero of the Ocean award for banning Styrofoam in Pittsfield.  He is currently fighting to ban single use plastic bags here in Pittsfield, regarding a petition that was literally filed when Adam Hinds first moved to Berkshire County two years ago.   In addition to his efforts in Pittsfield, Del Gallo has filed or helped file citizens petitions for warrant articles at town meetings that have blossomed into bans on Styrofoam and single-use plastic bags in Lee, Lenox, and Williamstown, and bans on single-use plastic bags in Lee, Lenox, Adams and Williamstown.  Adams will in all likelihood ban Styrofoam next year.


Earlier this year, Andrea Harrington and Adams Hinds did not initially oppose the two pipelines that were planned to go through Berkshire County.   Notes Del Gallo, “Apart from showing they were not quite ready for prime time by hopping in a state senate race without a position on one of the most urgent issues or our day, it showed that both had reservations about opposing two pipelines that would carry fracked gas.   To state the obvious, they were undecided because they were not sure, and that’s not the fire in the belly we need in a county that is very progressive and environmentally inclined.  At the time, they both were campaigning on lower energy bills and making overtures to unions that liked the pipelines.  I saw their hesitance to oppose the pipelines as showing they were not truly committed to the environment—this recent stand against wind energy here in the Berkshires proves it.”


Del Gallo is for local windmills in the Berkshires.  He is for using old dams to generate hydro-electric power that once generated energy for mills.  He is for solar energy.

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