Styrofoam and Single-Use Plastic Bags

Rinaldo Del Gallo’s efforts to ban Styrofoam and single use plastic bags garnered tremendous media attention including radio, print and television.

His efforts have been chronicled at the website Del Gallo has written a number of columns on the subject published in the Berkshire Eagle such as “Styrofoam must go,” “Dispensing Myths about Styrofoam,” and “End blight of Styrofoam/single use plastic bags.” Del Gallo also wrote a column, “My Styrofoam ban experience” that was published in the Greenfield Recorder.

After a three year effort, Del Gallo was able to get Styrofoam banned in Pittsfield, which you can read about in the Berkshire Eagle or on  iBerkshires. Del Gallo drafted the ordinance banning Styrofoam in Pittsfield and spent years pushing it through the Pittsfield Green Commission. For his efforts, Del Gallo was awarded the HERO OF THE OCEAN award issued by the Massachusetts State Senate, presented by Senator Ben Downing.

But Del Gallo’s efforts did not end there.
He inspired Brad Verter, who was able to secure a ban on Styrofoam and single-use plastic bags in Williamstown at town meeting in 2015.  Del Gallo provided much guidance to Mr. Verter.  Brad Verter is now taking the lead and organizing communities throughout Massachusetts. Del Gallo also filed petitions at the 2015 Lenox, Lee and Adams town meetings, where the petitions were tabled for next year. With the incredible work of citizen giants such as Peter Hoffman and the Lee Recycling Commission, the town of Lee both banned single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam at their 2016 annual town meeting. Shortly thereafter, through the hard work of Eric Federer and the Lenox Environmental Committee, Lenox banned both single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam though the Public Health Department. Through the work of Ed Driscoll, Adams has banned single-use plastic bags and will in all likelihood ban Styrofoam next year. The progress in Williamstown, Lee, Lenox, and Adams all started with efforts from Del Gallo.

As state senator, Del Gallo will continue to work to protect the environment by pushing for a state-wide ban on Styrofoam and single use plastic bags.

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