Del Gallo’s Bio for Press


  • Rinaldo Del Gallo grew up in Berkshire County and attended Pittsfield public schools.


  • He graduated in the top of his class with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.


  • He then attended a top 20 law school, George Washington University Law School, where he again graduated in the top half of his class, and received awards for academic excellence.


  • Just after graduating from law school, he wrote one of the most famous law review articles in the area of patent law (published in Idea Magazine, from Franklin Pierce University), “Are methods of doing business finally out of business as a statutory rejection.”  The law review article was a pioneering work that paved the way for software and Internet patents related to methods of doing business. It was cited in a famous case call State Street Bank v. Signature Financial.


  • A frequently published columnist, his columns have appeared in the Boston Globe, the Buffalo News, the Springfield Republican, and the Greenfield Recorder.


  • He has been frequently published in the Berkshire Eagle, the former North Adams Transcript, and the Pittsfield Gazette, often on progressive causes.


  • For fifteen years, he has been spokesperson of the Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition, where he ran a free legal clinic for over a decade.   The Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition has appeared in over 35 local parades.


  • He has performed countless hours of pro bono legal services.


  • A preeminent First Amendment attorney, he has litigated cases such as:


o  Pricing free speech out of the marketplace by forcing financially strapped groups to hire police.

o  Gathering signatures in front of Post Offices.

o  In the Dan Valenti case, fighting a criminal harassment protection order that stopped a journalist from engaging in speech on a blog.

  • Rinaldo Del Gallo both drafted, lobbied for, and had passed an ordinance in Pittsfield to have farm animals have enough room to stand up and turn around—the same issue that will be on the statewide ballot this fall.


  • In a three year effort, Rinaldo Del Gallo drafted, lobbied for, and had passed an ordinance in Pittsfield to ban the use of Styrofoam.  For this he was issued a “Hero of the Ocean Award” by the Massachusetts Senate, presented by Ben Downing.  He is still fighting for a ban on single use plastic bags.


  • Mr. Del Gallo filed citizen’s petitions for warrant articles at town meetings that eventually blossomed into bans on single-use plastic bags in Lee, Lenox, and Adams.  Thanks in part to his petitions, Lee and Lenox have also banned Styrofoam, and Adams is expected to ban Styrofoam next year.  Mr. Del Gallo also assisted and inspired Brad Verter who through a citizen’s petition for a warrant article was able to ban single-use plastic bags in Williamstown.


  • Mr. Del Gallo has also been an advocate in numerous zoning issues.  When the City of Pittsfield hired one of the most preeminent lawyers on zoning law to justify having time shares in residential zones, Rinaldo Del Gallo took him on.  Mr. Del Gallo wrote an opposing legal brief for the Pittsfield City Council, successfully convinced the council that regulations of time shares was a regulation of use and not just ownership, and essentially took the legal legs out of the developer.    Time shares were to go were woods once stood.


  • With the exception of receiving almost nothing for the Dan Valenti case, all of the above work was performed pro bono, or as a volunteer.


  • Mr. Del Gallo is running as a Bernie Sanders progressive.


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