Transcripts of forums where Adam Hinds Flip Flops on $15 Minimum Wage

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT of a forum in Becket, June 21, 2016, sponsored by the Becket Democrats.

1:50:16  into the forum:

SMITTY PIGNATELLI:   We have one more question [he misspoke, two questions] before closing statements. . .  I have two quickies.  And they are just simple “yes” or “no” answers.  And we will start with Andrea.   Do you support an immediate and across the board $15 minimum wage?


[Note:  When Rep. Smitty Pignatelli asked the question, the term $15 minimum wage was modified with the words “immediate” and “across the board.”  He spoke loudly and clearly.]


Andrea Harrington:  Yes.

Smitty Pignatelli: Rinaldo.

Rinaldo Del Gallo: Yes.

Chris Canning. Yes.

Smitty Pignatelli politely gestures to Adams Hinds.

Adam Hinds. Yes.

Smitty Pignatelli: OK, [Smitty laughs a little], this is great!


[So to be clear, Smitty Pignatelli at the June 21st Becket forum asked whether we supported an immediate and across the board minimum wage.  The question was clearly articulated and no words were muddled.  Adam Hinds clearly answered “Yes” and in no way qualified his answer.  He also repeated this answer before labor groups on June 18th, a week later.]



PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT of the debate at the Mass College of Liberal Arts,

August 17, 2016


[Material bracketed like this is added commentary, and is not a quote.]

24:45  Minute  North Adams Debate—Rinaldo Del Gallo’s comments that elicited the discussion.


[there was a prior question about “the two Berkshires,” the people with and people without]


Rinaldo Del Gallo: When you talked about the two Berkshires, what I really see is a very shrinking middleclass and an expanding poor. . .And one of the most important tools is the $15 minimum wage.  At our last debate . . . Oh, and by the way, I have always campaigned on wealth inequality, . . .go to my website, look at my tax plan. . .and the big part of it is the $15 minimum wage.  I asked my two opponents, at the last debate [which was at BCC by the Berkshire Brigades], prior to the June 21st Becket Forum, “How many times did you say you supported the $15 minimum wage?”


There were a few forums. And there was one in front of a labor council [June 28th, Kennedy Hall in Pittsfield], and there was one in Becket and Adam said he supported a $15 across the board minimum wage. [Note:  While I did not mention it, at the Becket Forum, Adam Hinds actually said “yes” to the question put by Rep. Smitty Pignatelli, “Do you support an immediate across the board $15 minimum wage.]”


So this past Sunday [August 14th] we had a legislative luncheon with some farmers.  And it was down in Sheffield, it was in South County.  And one of the farmers didn’t really like the $15 minimum wage.  [Some laughter erupts.]  And what ended up happening, all of a sudden, Adam’s answer shifted from being for an across the board $15 minimum wage, he shifted to all types of exceptions.


And frankly, I tried to stop and said, “Adam, what exceptions are there?”, because this is new news to me.  And he gave a very muddled answer.  In fact, [looking at my campaign manager, I said with ribbing type of a smile] I gotta blame my campaign manager, he didn’t get it one tape, but we were trying to tape it.  I have a problem, when you run for office, on something so fundamental as the $15 minimum wage, . . .[Del Gallo stops talking because 2 minutes have expired.]


Then go to 36:50 of the debate at MCLA:

[Bracketed material added.]


Tammy Daniel is from iberkshire and a panelist asking questions.


Tammy Daniel: Since we did not do a rebuttal on one of the questions [of Rinaldo Del Gallo’s question], . . .I am going to do two quick questions to make up for this. . . First question is “Who is in favor of an across the board fifteen dollar minimum wage, raise your hand?”


[Rinaldo Del Gallo’s hand is raised.  Andrea Harrington’s hand is raised.  Adam Hinds hand is not raised.  Chris Canning’s is not raised.  Unfortunately, the zoom in only on Tammy Daniel.]


Adam Hinds:  Yes, but there is a lot of exceptions . . . .


Tammy Daniel [interrupting Adam Hinds and speaking to him]:     “Yes but. . .” It’s a. . . Yes or No. . . . .You can say “eventually.”  You can say “in five years.” But, who is for it?  Two people [in reference to only Rinaldo Del Gallo and Andrea Harrington’s hand being raised]. . .Okay.


Adam Hinds:  Eventually . . . .


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